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Siena's Joy

Siena's Joy


This rosary is inspired by the saint that our daughter was named after St Catherine of Siena. Her family actually nicknamed her Joy when she was a child because she embodied it so authentically in all she did. I have some really cool stories related to this saint especially as of very recently but I shall save those for another day. I am enjoying learning more about her and am definitely going to continue in doing so and praying for her intercession in our lives. She has definitely been interceding in mine for years now which I only just realized the other day. Man, God is so incredible for creating this union of all of us together and communion of saints, so mind blowing and I know I’m not even cracking the ice in my knowledge of mind and heart. Our daughter Siena is filled with joy, she fills my heart everyday with her contagious untainted and authentic joy and I couldn’t think of a better time to release this rosary than Gaudete Sunday. I am so grateful to God for the blessing of being Siena’s mom and where He has called me to be.

Siena's Joy
Made with 8mm rose quartz stones, an Our Lady of Grace center, halo style crucifix made in Italy and gold toned accents.

All Regina Caeli Rosaries include a drawstring bag and a rosary marker, which is a smaller crucifix with a clasp to clip on and off of your rosary to save your spot in prayer, like a bookmark but for your rosary. $40

Colour: Pink

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