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About Regina Caeli Rosaries


Our Story

My grandmother (Gam) had me learn how to make rosaries at the age of 8, I was an active member of the Legion of Mary since the age of 6 until 14 and Gam had been involved for over 20 years, for a number of years serving as the President but also in many other ministries to serve the Lord and His people.


My grandparents, Gam & Papa - my best friends - were true witnesses to the faith in ways that seem innumerable. In their everyday actions and treatment of everyone around them, to strangers and loved ones. They were and still are my prayer warriors but, now are in a whole new way. Both Gam and Papa had such a love of praying the rosary daily, along with multiple regular prayers and devotions and always practiced offering things up whether small or large for the Lord’s will, for the souls in purgatory and those who have no one to pray for them. God’s love was so present in them through their fiat and I am so grateful to Him. Influenced by Gam and Papa and my grief I had finally sought out to start making rosaries again but with a greater quality than when I was 8. I wanted to create beautiful rosaries for my little family, inspired by them. It was through this desire that ended up leading to it being inclusive of many more people and to then add beauty to people’s prayer lives, influenced by the most holy people I was blessed with, to have in mine.

The name Regina Caeli Rosaries was inspired by Gam’s praesidium (in the Legion of Mary), Mary Queen of Heaven. All of my personally handcrafted rosaries and the inspiration of them come from Gam & Papa in one (whether small or big) way or another.


My hope and prayer with Regina Caeli Rosaries is to bring traditional and classically beautiful, quality stone rosaries in the hands of young people, especially. To have a quality that lasts and can be an heirloom in a sense. 

The eloquent words of Hons Vans Balthasar describes this desire well. “The beautiful seizes you, changes you and then calls you and sends you.” This beautiful conversion of heart is necessary to undergo everyday no matter where we are in our faith journeys and I really desire for people to have quality and meaningful beauty that draws them closer to our Lord.

I am so grateful to God for blessing me with humble disciples who had such docile hearts, who continue (through God's grace) to draw me closer to Our Lord and show me of His incredible, unfathomable, unique love for me and others. 

I pray that Regina Caeli Rosaries will build a beautiful community of prayer that draws each heart that much closer to God. With a special and growing awareness of how much He loves you and your loved rosary at a time.


As I make each rosary, I pray for the person who will use it and that especially Gam and Papa will intercede for them as prayer warriors, as they were such incredible ones for me and I'm sure continue to be. I can only imagine all of the areas they could be patron saints of, and I have no doubt they would relate to each person reading this.


Thank you for stopping by 😊


God Bless,


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