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Gam's Cup of Tea

Gam's Cup of Tea



Funny that even though it is called ordinary time we are called to extraordinary growth. The colour green represents hope, life and growth in ordinary time. Gam showed me her extraordinary faith in her everyday ordinary life. In her everyday offerings, sufferings, joys and good works. It is in the ordinary that we are called to grow. Green was Gam's favourite colour and this particular green gives me such a huge sense of comfort in looking at it because it reminds me of her in ways that I can't describe and even some that I know I can't remember but I know the feeling. The comfort it brings is like one of her perfect cups of tea. My favourite cup of tea was always made by her (no one could made a cup like her) and the comfort and peace this one brings is just like that cup of tea from her, so this is why I've named it Gam's cup of tea because it so is haha. She would totally love the colour and combo. I that whatever rosary or rosaries of mine that you have or may have in the future contribute to your peace with the Lord and seeing His beauty in the ordinary in extraordinary ways.


Gam's cup of tea 8mm real semi precious milky jade stones and fossil stones with miraculous medal center and crucifix made in Italy. All Regina Caeli Rosaries include a drawstring bag and a rosary marker, which is a smaller crucifix with a clasp to clip on and off of your rosary to save your spot in prayer, like a bookmark but for your rosary. $50


*8mm size in photo

Colour: Green

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