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Papa Batman Chaplet

Papa Batman Chaplet


My Papa Batman Chaplet. Another OG from when I officially launched Regina Caeli Rosaries 3 years ago. I always called Papa my personal Batman although the reality is that he was for many in Scarborough, many strangers included. From stopping robberies, domestic violence, kids being bullied or at the age of 83 grabbing a wasp flying in my jeep with 2 of his bare fingers to calm my scared heart and self. Man, he was a man. No weapons ever needed, although he could lay a proper punch as he was a boxer back in the day-which inspired my years of training in boxing (maybe one day I will hit the bags again). He was a holy, humble, gentle giant, silly, funny, athletic and profound. Whoever met him loved him. Praise God for holy men, the impact is for generations beyond what I can imagine. This rosary is an updated version from when I first launched. One of the main differences from my rosaries when I started to now is that all of the crucifixes are made in Italy.
Papa Batman 8mm Chaplet $20
Made with 8mm semi precious matte stones, a St.Benedict center and St. Benedict crucifix made in Italy. All Regina Caeli chaplets come with a Regina Caeli drawstring rosary bag.

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