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Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Pouch

Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Pouch



I wanted to create prayer pouches because I was constantly through time losing my prayer cards and having them damaged in my purse. My most treasured prayer cards are the ones with Gam and and Papa's images with the prayers on them from their funerals. I have a few variations of rosaries and items inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe as this was one of Gam's favourite apparitions of Mary. Our Lady of Guadalupe has strengthed my faith in Our Lord through some mind blowing and astounding miracles, from the detail of the image itself to the image not being destroyed by a dynamite bomb. One of the aspects of this apparition I really enjoy is that the black ribbon over her waist represents that she is with child, pointing us to bearing Jesus in her womb and the sacredness of life. Since I was maybe 1 or 2 years of age Gam took me to the lifechain every year. One thing I remember is looking to Gam praying silently for people, regardless of the responses that they had to the signs and life chain event. It took many things to be able to do that and a couple that stand out to me are humility and fortitude, really such courage. Gam was such a devoted woman of faith who lived it out in such an authentic and beautiful way that I hope to convey through my rosaries and other creations. I hope and pray that in some little way that God may be glorified and our hearts be drawn that much closer to Him. Both Gam and Papa loved Our Lady of Guadalupe and looking to her is always a comfort.



Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe drawn be me turned into an image on tis prayer pouch. $20


*this prayer pouch is 5.5 inches x 8 inches

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