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JMJ Prayer Pouch Large

JMJ Prayer Pouch Large



I wanted to create prayer pouches because I was constantly through time losing my prayer cards and having them damaged in my purse. My most treasured prayer cards are the ones with Gam and and Papa's images with the prayers on them from their funerals. So out of my desire to have a personalized prayer pouch came these variations. Papa used to write JMJ on the top right hand of every page of his (including all of his tax pages). Not a page went by without him starting with that by writing it at the top of the page (I try to do the same). I wanted for quite some time to draw the Holy Family's hearts and have been so happy that I finally got to it. So this is where the desire to draw the hearts came from. Also coming from the prayer Gam used to pray with me everyday that I now pray every night with my daughters:
Heart of Jesus, I adore Thee
Heart of Mary, I implore thee
Heart of Joseph, pure and just
In these three hearts I place my trust



I hand drew the 3 Hearts of the Holy Family and turned it into an image on this prayer pouch $20


*this prayer pouch is  5.5 inches x 8.5 inches

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