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Rosary Bracelet St. Joseph

Rosary Bracelet St. Joseph


I made myself a rosary bracelet with the hopes of being able to get through a full and proper rosary during my daughter's bedtime routine. Having a regular full sized rosary can be distracting and surprisingly loud, tangle far too easily while carrying and rocking a little one etc etc etc. So with the hopes of having something more quiet and not relying on my fingers or mind - which can definitely go into 30 to 40 Hail Mary's for one decade ahah iykyk. I'm happy to say that this bracelet has helped me get through many proper rosaries during bedtime routine for our little one-especially with black out curtains gwanin. I ended up making his and hers for my husband and I and have 4 versions available. Each bracelet is $15 and comes with a Regina Caeli Rosary bag.
4 versions available: light wood and gold with miraculous medal and Crucifix, Our Lady of Guadalupe bracelet, matte black wood inspired by St. Joseph with the matte tiger eye 6mm stones as separators and hematite cross, all matte black with hematite cross.
Of course, they're not made just for parents, but this was my inspiration and what has come in clutch in my mamahood vocation👊🏼

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