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5 Wounds of Christ

5 Wounds of Christ



The 5 wounds of Christ. By His wounds we are healed. Redemptive suffering. Beauty in suffering. Meaning in suffering. The power of love. The power of surrender. This rosary inspired by the 5 wounds of Christ is also inspired by Gam and Papa and the many sufferings they endured so well in their lives in a humble imitaton of Christ, uniting their sufferings to His, for others.
Sometimes it is easy to feel isolated in suffering, that no one else gets it, on the outside they just don’t know. Sometimes that is true and sometimes it isn’t. What is always true is that we are never isolated from God regardless of what our emotions may try to dictate. Gam would always teach me to offer things up. Offer things up for the souls in purgatory and those who have no one to pray for them or people’s intentions. This is one of the ways that suffering can bear so much beauty, beauty that we may never know or understand fully until it’s our time with God, God willing. No matter the type of pain it can be offered up in love for others. No why’s just patient trust and submission to His will and glory. God always provides. The 5 wounds represented by 5 roses for this crucifix I find to be very beautiful and brings me to different reflections each time I pause with it.


Made with 8mm matte black agate stones, gold toned roses, the miraculous medal and the 5 wounds of Christ crucifix made in Italy. $35


*8mm size in photo



Colour: Black

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