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Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima


I prayed for a man like Alan before I met him, but what God actually blessed me with was a man beyond my dreams&prayers. Praying for a man like St.Joseph (thank you Lord) has a lot of depth to it, but that's not the point of this post haha just a little prequel to the inspiration of this rosary.Alan and I visited Fatima in Portugal in December 2018,we loved it so much we changed plans to be there longer because it was just that mindblowing and beautiful.Spending the time and not rushing and praying and talking and exploring and especially praying the rosary where Mary appeared to Lucia, Francisco and we hope to go back one day. So,Alan was actually at the time also looking for spots to propose to me while at the shrine,but he couldn't find a spot that was private enough(whaddup introvert life)and so he didn't end up proposing in Fatima but did shortly after and still in Portugal not far away:) On our wedding save the dates we used a picture of us at Fatima b/c we wanted to share with everyone that God brought us together and was at the center of our lives in preparing for the sacrament of marriage and walking to the altar.Our Lady of Fatima also has a dear place in my heart because it was my favourite statue of Mary growing up. I have a few pictures of gam and papa holding me and me kissing her statue. I loved the beauty and the soft pastels throughout, I have fond memories of time spent with Gam in front of her statue.Time spent in learning through example of the beauty of prayer, the rosary and silence. As I like to quote from Bishop Robert Barron, "Lead with the beautiful, then the good, then the true." inspired by this comes beauty for God one rosary/item at a time.This peachy colour I chose reminds me of one of the colours that is faintly present on her garments.


Our Lady of Fatima Rosary
Made with 8mm real semi precious peach jade stones, Our Lady of Fatima center with the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the other side and a Papal crucifix made in Italy. $50

All Regina Caeli Rosaries include a drawstring bag and a rosary marker, which is a smaller crucifix with a clasp to clip on and off of your rosary to save your spot in prayer, like a bookmark but for your rosary. 

Colour: Pink

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