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Regina Caeli - Chaplet

Regina Caeli - Chaplet


December 7th was Gam's Birthday. The inspiration. Regina Caeli Rosaries came from the name of Gam's Legion of Mary Praesedium, Mary Queen of Heaven. This is my personal favourite name Regina Caeli. Also available in 6mm for $45 and a chaplet for $20.


Made with Snake Skin Jasper Stones to represent Mary stepping on the snake on the miraculous medal and fixed with a St. Therese crucifix, a mix of Gam and Papa in this Regina Caeli Rosary. <3


Made with Real Semi-Precious Snake Skin Jasper Stones. Available in 6mm for $45 and a Chaplet for $20 (the smaller sizes don't come with the St. Therese crucifix.


*8 mm size in photo

Colour: Green

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