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St. Jude

St. Jude



Hey Judeeee🎼 I know this song was not inspired by St.Jude but couldn't help but sing it when I was making it. St.Jude was a saint I sought the intercession of through the years (still do) with him being the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes. Gam taught me about him from a young age. Anyone else that has needed to pray for an intention that seemed to fall under this category? Sometimes even just thinking about the state of our society and world can throw me out of whack and have my brain running in seemingly endless circles. Nothing is impossible with God and something I have learned to work on accepting is not my will but His will. Prayer helps me get closer to truly desiring this on the regular.



Made of Real Semi-Precious Frosted Black Agate and Dark Green Jade Stone. 2 Sizes Available. Also Available as a Chaplet for ($17)


*8 mm size in photo

Colour: Black

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